Monday, February 15, 2010

Raja Petra : Disebalik kisah menjadi mufti

Cerita mufti yang ditulis oleh RPK.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

A friend of mine, the son of a renowned Mufti of Perak of some time back, told me this story.

There was this man who had four sons. The first son became a doctor, the second one a lawyer, and the third one an engineer. The fourth son, however, was not that clever. So the father sent him to do religious studies. And this son who took up religious studies later became a Mufti. And that is why we do not get the best brains as Muftis, summed up my friend.

Well, that is what my friend, Jad, a staunch Umno man and opposition hater, son of a renowned Perak Mufti, told me. It is his joke, not mine. I am merely repeating what he told me.

But not all who go on to become Muftis are school dropouts and failures. Some, like the ex-Perlis Mufti, has a doctorate to his name. And he, as you may already know, is amongst the most progressive and liberal Muftis Malaysia has ever known. Even the non-Muslims feel comfortable with his views. And he is probably the only Mufti that I know who runs his own Blog ( and writes in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. He would probably write in Arabic as well if there are enough Arabic proficient readers in Malaysia.

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